Sunburst’s Summer Sails On…

Sunburst Sailing’s season continues with an eclectic mix of guests from around the world, including our Latvian guest, who when offered a beer before noon, said: “in Latvia, we say only idiots and aristocrats drink in the morning, I never know which I am!”

We had four guests booked onboard Nera on the same day from Anchorage, Alaska, having booked separately and months apart, we assumed it was a surprise for the first party. However, once onboard it was immediately apparent that they were strangers to each other. Same country, same city, same boat tour, same day, what are the odds!

Nera hosted yet another engaged couple for a celebratory day sail, Jon having popped the question at sunset on the beach the night before. We wish Jon and Emma all the very best for their wedding and future life together.

image (2)The happy couple from New York
Sunburst Sailing’s menus continue to impress, with lots of oohing and aahing when Lyn’s canapés arrive on deck, and the pan-fried seabass served under the shade of Nera’s new Bimini are helped by the fact that the fish were bought from the market that morning. The fish man of course now expects a kiss from Lyn every time she buys them!

And an unexpected twist on the chocolate and caramel torte dessert includes pistachio yoghurt and wild berry crema balsamica.

One of our guests’ favourite destinations this season has been Bobovisce Bay, and continues to be one of our favourite haunts on a day off, when Marianne’s mother’s gnocchi in Gorgonzola is the perfect accompaniment to the char-grilled fillet steak, at Konoba Dalmatino. Tell Marianne that Sunburst Sailing sent you when you visit…

image (1)Bobovisce Bay from our cabin
Since our close encounter with the dolphins earlier this season (thank you for the photos, Ewan), they have been conspicuous by their absence, surely due a return visit soon…
The summer lingers on in Split and her islands, with sea temperatures around mid-20s, hopefully Sunburst Sailing’s guests who have booked in early October, can continue to enjoy some of these sea temperatures.

We’ve also been welcoming onboard friends and family from the UK and USA and have loved showing them some of our favourite bays, islands, bars and restaurants. Many thanks to Yvonne and Matthew for Nera’s replacement saltire.

imageNera’s new saltire
We are delighted to have had over 300 varied and delightful guests booked onboard Nera this summer, and we look forward to their return with friends and family in 2016, but remember to book your Sunburst Sailing trip well ahead of time…